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Marketing management

Our business was founded with a classic principle of advertising in mind, our customers success is our biggest accomplishment. Andrew Rulnick, the founder of Design A, worked at GoDaddy for three years and spent two years working as a contractor on behalf of Google Inc. We’re emphatic about bringing customers measurable results using the best practices in marketing and analytics management! Design A will help your business with every service essential for success in digital and traditional advertising mediums; we use data to analyze, and optimize to improve your business’s return on ad spend. We’re leaders in digital mediums such as search engine optimization, paid search, display ads, remarketing, and even social media to name a few. Your business will be able to measure growth, and we’ll advise you on strategies that amplify what’s working for your company to increase new business opportunities, and your sales!

Marketing management

Andrew Rulnick is the founder of Design A, he worked at GoDaddy for three years and spent two years working as a contractor on behalf of Google Inc. We’re emphatic about bringing our customers measurable results using the latest best practices in marketing and analytics management!

Named a Google Partner

Design A was selected as a Google Partner in 2013, and our Founder Andrew Rulnick was chosen as one of Google’s first Google Partner Community Ambassadors, and Small Business Adviser. We’ve been a Google Partner since 2013.

Google business advisor

We are leaders in Google AdWords, Analytics, Compute Engine, BigQuery, and machine learning. We consult businesses on their CRM database integrations for lead scoring, e-commerce metrics, e-mail marketing automation and more. We work with many businesses, in many different industries. We are even contracted by Fortune 500s’ on occasion!

The work we’re doing is consistently proven to help businesses acquire more customers, retain business, increase customer lifetime value, and improve your overall customer reach or in-market penetration.

Marketing to grow your business

So you’re ready to start marketing to grow your business? Excellent! You’ve come to the right place to learn more and make informed decision about how to grow your business with marketing strategies. We’ll help you through campaign purchases, organic growth strategies, search engine optimization and much more…

We’re adding new information regularly, so it’s highly recommended you bookmark our website, write it down and share it with a friend or two today! We’re not easy to forget, but let’s face it, there’s so much information on the internet that it’s easy to get lost. We’ll guide you and your business every step of the way from A to Z. It’s easier than going to five different places for tips, and consistently produces better outcomes compared to the old way of marketing.

Analysis using BigQuery SQL

We’ve spent over three years developing world-class dedicated hosting and data analytics processors; powered by Hadoop and piped into Google Analytics, with Google Data Studio, to provide our clients with unrivaled capabilities. Design A is toe to toe with some of the biggest names in business and marketing, and business intelligence. Not only have we produced exceptional products, but we have the talented staff to service and manage your businesses marketing needs. We’ll power and analyze your marketing data to determine the best course of action to grow your company.

Responsive website design

A mobile first approach is paramount for success. It’s no longer the trend, our clients have seen 30% to 50% (sometimes more) of their visitors traffic coming from tablet, and mobile devices! That’s why we’ve devoted the past three years into making a responsive website design language that captivates and converts your visitors into paying customers! From design to code, we’re putting careful thought and consideration into every nuance of your website, and the experience it provides for your visitors. We’re coding websites with responsive web development standards in mind, with hundreds and thousands of styles tested. We perfect the experience and functionality so your customers are finding what they are looking for easily, while learning more about your business, that way they choose your company over another. The first step is putting your best foot forward online with responsive web design.

*Per our agreements with Facebook, Inc. and Google, Inc. we’re required to disclose that individual results may vary. We are allowed to mention we have over a 95% success rate working with businesses of all sizes. Our staff is happy to go over case studies and show you examples of reports, we have exceptional references! Our job is to follow best practices in marketing, that’s what we do. We are not owned or operated by either company, our company works as an independent contractor for our customers. It’s also important to us you’re aware of our terms, conditions and privacy policy.