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Welcome to Design A's story

Design A was founded in 2013 by me, Andrew Rulnick. Previously I worked as a consultant and Account Executive for companies like Go Daddy (2013-16), and several years at TeleTech as a contractor doing work on behalf of Google Inc, at their North America External Vendor Operations.

Design A's story

Design A was founded in 2013 by me, Andrew Rulnick. Previously I worked as a consultant and Account Executive for companies like Go Daddy (2013-16), and several years at TeleTech as a contractor doing work on behalf of Google Inc, at their North America External Vendor Operations.

Design A founded in 2013

Here I am hanging out at Google's headquarters in Mountain View getting ready for a live Google Partner Community broadcast. There were seven of us from North America selected as the very first Partner Ambassadors, recognized for our knowledge, and desire to help other businesses succeed as new or aspiring Google Partners.

2014 we start to optimize...

With all the data we collected, over three million dollars worth of marketing managed, we optimize cross industry, and by medium/sources. All our clients advertising return on ad spend is historically improved. Our typical customer sees 3X to 5X returns starting, with opportunity for growth*. We've mastered virtually every industry. We start to redefine how we measure and view quality scores related to contextual relevance. Measurements by ROAS become the standard and we're early adopters to optimize customers to a key measurement of performance. Programmatic and machine learning becomes a key point of focus for scale and improving advertising efficiency across multiple channels.

Andrew Rulnick founded Design A to provide leading products for web development, machine learned marketing automation, and full marketing/analytics management. We opened our services and product to select channel partners and 30 customers for a closed Alpha for feedback. We introduced our first marketing management so market with extra emphasis on paid search and YouTube TrueView. In 2013 Design A was picked by Google as a Google Partner, and our company's founder Andrew Rulnick personally selected as a Google Partner Community Advisor/Top Contributor multiple years running.

2015 refine products, optimize code, process, and scale services

The feedback from our early customers was positive and resounding, we set out to finish our product engineering, code optimizations and web hosting services. Our customers knew they could rely on world-class services, with the products nearly finished we turned to our goals for 2016, personalized advertising and analytics management services. We continue to be one of the fastest growing marketing and analytics management firms due to cutting edge technology, use of API for integrations, and leading dedicated hosting to be built on top of Google Compute Engine and BigQuery SQL/Hadoop data store in 2016!

Our services in analytics are consistently tried and true proven to save businesses money, improve return on ad spend, and while we're required to disclose that individual results may vary; our methods are over 90% successful.*

  • We don't require long-term contracts like big box companies.
  • We provide customers with unprecedented levels of access to their accounts and reports.
  • Data & App w/ machine learning, design, marketing analytics under one roof.

With the leading edge machine learning and applications powered by our partner Google Inc. You'll have the best in class application and database hosting, with the most sophisticated, results oriented marketing that money can buy your company. We've acquired countless customers and case studies over the past four years and have virtually every industry mastered for optimal performance quicker than many of our competitors.*

2016-17 expanded professional services and scale

We've taken years worth of feedback and results back to the lab and re-engineered our products to meet the growing needs of our customers and the productivity needs of a traditional ad hoc design studio for the web. We used all this information to rebuild our stack and make a better quality finished product. We went entirely open source, closed end for security and performance. Anyone can set it up on their own stack, nothing is proprietary and we like it that way. Despite that, customers choose us because of performance and service. Design A has many customers who require attention to various scopes of work daily, or weekly based on their businesses growth. It's important to us that our customers know we have their backs to help them grow their businesses which is why we're growing! We have provided options for clients to enlist in larger workloads so your business has the attention of a professional marketing analyst and marketing campaign manager daily or weekly as your business needs it. We provide professional search engine optimizations services that some of the big box stores charge 2X to 3X for and provide a fraction of the total workload. In most cases we are half their cost when you measure dollar for dollar with the hour and quality of work done.

Q3 2017 the year of updates, advanced sales and marketing reports

In 2017 we've updated over several thousand parts of scripts and software. We've made great strides with the help of our software developers and the companies we license applications from WooThemes, Elementor Pro, WordPress, etc.. I'm pleased to announce that we're expanding our team slightly to accommodate a faster time to live. We met some of our customers goals, but encountered many obstacles both professionally as a business and our founders / owners have had to overcome many personal challenges. It's been four going on five hard years to be able to bring our product and services to market. We are neither under or over developed, it's just right. All our updates have enabled a high degree of productivity and a new way of bringing our clients work to the most productive state possible. It's been an incredible task, to organize and build a business around servicing all our customers unique requirements, while keeping a unified tool set in house so our designers, web developers and marketers are all able to be highly productive. This year has enabled us to remain competitively priced as a managed service. We will be building out a core team over the next six months to enable productivity and growth.

Code bases are optimal, our design tools are more productive, systems engineering work is done, now we focus on productivity, advertising campaign, and marketing analytics.

Thoughts on call tracking have changed. Call tracking by source just doesn't make sense anymore, cookies override and even if you force by source the reports aren't accurate with multi-channel findings. Completely recording and analytics at top level by caller state to evaluate marketing campaign / sales call performance. Advanced reporting done! We're more Enterprise equipped and capable with recent webhook and REST API developments.

The remainder of this year we're recruiting and hiring for our dream team. We're building out our distribution of work and processes to service our new on-boarding customers, to scale and grow our business with our customers! We're excited for 2018 and the opportunity that we're building up to service all our customers growing business needs.

Through years of extensive research and development, we know how to increase businesses sales through highly effective, targeted marketing.* While we're required to disclose that individual results may vary based on the many metrics of a business, and the factors that go into producing acquisition and rising incremental revenues are abundant, we have helped over 95% of our customers have greater success from search engine marketing, and analytics management services. We provide leading quality design, and work in ad hoc as needed for our customers businesses.

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